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In 1969, I had my first sewing lesson in school. From that time on, I was in love with sewing. I made all my school dresses and prom dresses. As my two girls grew up, I made their school dresses and their wedding dresses. But, none of this topped the nursery that my oldest daughter, son-in-law, and I created for my first granddaughter being adopted from China.

We made her room into a theme from her birth country: Panda Bears. It is composed of Chinese symbols that represent her name, and many words that express our love for her.  As well, her name is written in English.  The baby quilt set is embroidered with panda bears, bamboo, and a lotus flower, which are all native to the land she came from. It will be a wonderful keepsake gift for her that she can cherish always. 

Because of the glowing responses that we received from so many people, I knew that other people would like to have or give a keepsake quilt set.  So I am creating different types of heritage quilts from which families can select, and which will then be customized to the child.  The panda bear, ladybug, and tiger are examples of heritage representations.  I invite you to take a look and find a keepsake for your own children or grandchildren.